Don’t be the victim of moving company fraud

Tens of millions of Americans pick up stakes and move elsewhere every year, whether it’s for a new job or just want to live somewhere else. It’s well known that moving is one of the most stressful life events because of all the money and emotion humans attach to a residence. In short, when you move, you’re vulnerable. It’s also a time when  unscrupulous people prey on people who are in a vulnarable position. To avoid this you have to be aware and educated.

First off, most movers are legitimate. They want to do a good job because they want good referrals. However there has been a dramatic rise in complaints against movers who have indulged in fraudulent practices.  So if you are in the market for a mover, learn about the company you are planning on hiring. Look them up 0nline, check out their reviews, look up their business license if it’s available online. Make sure you get the owner’s name when inquiring.

Here are a few other thing you will find useful to know:

  • Make sure you know exactly what you will be paying up front, and get it in writing. It’s been known for unscrupulous movers to demand extra “service charges” or “assembly fees”.  On your side, always make sure you tell you tell your mover if you need boxes or you need something to be disassembled etc. so there are no surprises for either of you.
  • Make sure your mover gives you a phone number of address where you can file complaints. It must also have a clear description of the complaint process.
  • Anyone is entitled to an arbitration process by law. They should be able to provide you information on that process.
  • Make sure that your provider informs you of your rights and responsibilities under Federal Law

While it would be great if everyone were on the up and up, it’s your responsibility to make sure you hire the right people.