How to cut moving costs

It hard enough moving, but not doing the most you can do to save money is ever worse. By following a few simple tips, you will not only save money, but a lot of hassles as well.

As someone who is about to move, your top priority should be to not move as much stuff as possible. There are two main factors to consider: weight, and handling service issues.  (Since we do only moves in the Phoenix and Chandler AZ area, we won’t worry about weight. ) Handling deals taking like furniture apart, putting all your belongings in the truck, and taking it back out and reassembly. So in order to keep things under control, think about these things:

  • Don’t think of it as moving, think of it as streamlining. Keep an eye towards throwing out as much stuff as you can possibly tolerate. You wouldn’t believe how much you have collected over the years that you really don’t need. This means taking a hard line on saying to yourself: “I’ll use this one of these days” syndrome;
  • Consider the comparative price of mailing heavy things you don’t need right away–bulky things like books.
  • If you think you’ll be buying new furniture  or redecorating soon after you move into your new place, think about just trashing some of the furniture. Sofas take up lot of room, and the fewer bulky items the better.
  • Make sure you know where most of your belongings will go in your  new place, and that means getting a floor plan. If you can’t find a place for any of the stuff you have, just ditch it.
  • Above all, don’t ship your stuff with an eye that you will decide on what to do with it when you get there. It will result in a disaster.