Moving when you have pets

It is a curious fact that moving with pets is more difficult than moving with children, but it makes sense on closer examination. To a certain extent children can take care of themselves. Animals will usually be very confused, disoriented and afraid about the move. Here are a few tips the make the transition smoother for both of you:


  • Make sure your cat or dog is healthy. Take him to the vet before the move and tell the vet where you will be moving to (assuming it is far away). The vet will be able to inform you of pet health dangers in that region. Additionally, the vet can prescribe sedatives for when the animal is under particularly great amounts of stress.
  • Clear out a specific area of you vehicle that will serve as your animal’s “home” for the duration of the trip. It will not be anything like a real home of course, but it will allow you to introduce a space where at least some normalcy can be had. Get cages a large as possible for your pets and make sure they have someplace they can go into, like a box if space permits.
  • Always keep your animal on a leash when outside the car. This includes cats if you can get them to do it. Most people think their dogs will just come back when called, but being in a strange place makes dogs do strange things, and it is not uncommon for a dog to just take off and not come back. Cats will almost certainly run away if they are let outside without a leash.
  • Keep your pet with in eye view. If your pet can see you, it will make them feel more relaxed. Also, make sure that your animals are not baking under direct sun for long periods of time. Make sure that the widows are open or that the air conditioner is making its way back to their living space. Don’t assume, make sure!

One final thing, make sure you have a list of pet friendly hotels along the route to you new home. It will save you and your pet a lot of hassles.