Packing fine china

Fine china is often a family heirloom and has great value that cannot be priced with a tag. If you own any you are aware of how fragile it is. I am often asked about the best way to pack china. Here is the advice I give:

  • Don’t use newspapers to pack like you would your other dishes. The ink comes off easily and is greasy and difficult to wash off.  You can find paper made specifically for moving things like china. It’s very heavy and can absorb a fair amount of bumping and bouncing.
  • Don’t stack your china before you wrap it. Always wrap each piece individually.
  • Use packing chips in the box. If those are not available  rolled  up newspaper can do that job but don’t ball it up too tightly –  and heaven forbid don’t put it in the bottom of the box.
  • Use bubble wrap between each plate. You want to hedge all your bets.
  • Pack china in a box by itself and in small boxes. Small boxes are easier to pad. They are also lighter and less likely to be dropped.
  • Mark all the china boxes as china and fragile, so the movers know what to do.
  • Make sure that the boxes are tapes solidly.