What stuff should you allow movers to pack?

Moving is the third stressful thing after death in the family and divorce, so it’s no coincidence that a lot of people freak out over what to do when packing for their next move.

  1. Some people like to do everything themselves, by packing everything including the kitchen sink.
  2. Some people don’t want to have anything too do with it and have the movers pack EVERYTHING.
  3. The third is between the two, pack most yourself and let the movers do the rest.

Type 1’s are either control freaks or trying to save money.  These are laudable aims, but not always the smartest. First off you tend to take way too much stuff. Second the things you do not pack correctly cannot be claimed for damage by movers, even if the DID drop the box of dishes.

Type 2’s don’t have the time to be bothered and want someone else to do everything. That’s ok too, but some things cannot be transported like any accelerants or explosive things like gasoline cans, propane tanks, etc. Another problem is that there is some stuff that you really SHOULD handle yourself, like keepsakes, jewelry, family photos, important paperwork, and anything else that cannot be replaced and has real value to you.

Type 3’s are usually the most prudent, especially if they take the time and do the packing right.  You should first have the packers pack stuff that is not really important, like the kitchen. A kitchen can be effective packed by three guys working at one time faster than one person by 3 times becuase they work together. But you should pack your own fine china. Some kinds of electronics can be a problem, like big tv sets, and don’t forget how much of a pain it is to keep track of the cords. Finally bulky things that need to be disassembled before moving should be  done by packers, because, well, they are bulky and heave and can’t pack them anyway.